The Stinkwheel Saga, Episode 2 v3 reprinted.

A newly revised, updated and extended edition of this title, first published in 2008, has been reprinted and is now available from the Shop.

Following the success of The Stinkwheel Saga, Episode 1, first published in 2004 and now reprinted as Episode 1 v3, the second volume, Episode 2 v3, has also been reprinted. This second volume covers the lost-causes of clip-on cyclemotoring in Britain. Some makes were hugely successful in their homelands (Berini M13 in the Netherlands, ABG VAP in France, the ITOM in Italy, and possibly the Lohmann from Germany) but were only marginally popular and hence commercially unsuccessful in Britain, due in part to domination of the UK market by the early arrivals.

The compression-ignition Lohmann with just 18cc capacity

The unsuccessful ones were late arrivals, small-scale imports, the under-funded, the home-made, technically over-complicated and ephemeral machines which stood little chance commercially. Some were products of highly-successful established motorcycle manufacturers (BSA, Vincent, Tube Investments/Hercules…) who should have known better. Others were the product of the proverbial two-men-in-a-shed businesses, where optimism vastly outweighed finances.

The British Cymota, a crib of the French VéloSolex under the engine cover. It lasted just two short years before disappearing.

Many of them were nevertheless very interesting and worthy of study in this second volume, a companion to The Stinkwheel Saga, Episode 1. A wealth of period archive material illustrates the long-lost 1950s world of power-cycling.

ISBN 0-9547363-1-1, A4 format, 244 pages with many colour images throughout the text, includes an Index. £30.00 plus postage.