The Stinkwheel Saga, Episode 1 v3

The text of the third edition of The Stinkwheel Saga, Episode 1, first published in 2004, has been amended and expanded to include new material and images not available to us for the first edition. This reprinted book now contains newly-discovered period colour images plus many others originally published in black & white only in the first edition. A complete redesign of page layouts has also improved presentation of photos and drawings. The Stinkwheel Saga Episode 1 v3 is an in-depth look at the nine most popular clip-on cyclemotors sold in quantity in Britain during the period 1945-1959 and was chosen as one of Classic Bike magazine’s ‘Best Books of 2004.’

The Stinkwheel Saga books remain the only comprehensive reference works published on the subject of the clip-on cyclemotor engines which were so popular for a brief period in the aftermath of the Second World War.

The Stinkwheel Saga Episode 2, covering less well-known makes of cyclemotors and individual efforts, is not currently available in print.

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Some readers comments of the 2004 print publication were:

“A riveting read, I couldn’t put it down” DH
“A labour of love, devotedly detailed & rich in original achive material.” CB
“You deserve the highest praise for such an erudite, amusing and informative effort” NS-C
“Hard information delivered with an entertaining touch” HW
“What an utter delight! Full of fascinating facts, amusing & entertaining stories” HB
“I am impressed. I am bloody impressed” AH

ISBN 0-9547363-0-3, A4 format, soft colour covers, 230 pages with over 280 black & white and colour images throughout the text

The second volume of the Stinkwheel Saga continues the story where Episode 1 left off.

Sorry, This book is currently out of print. Please contact us for more info.